Cathy is a psychotherapist, an executive coach and consultant who is driven by a fascination of people and their behaviour and how they interact with themselves, each other and their environments. She recognises that being so inextricably linked, strengthening connections with each other and the environment through meaningful and respectful relationships, enables people and environments to thrive.

She has a keen interest in empowering individuals, groups and communities by supporting awareness of both self and others as the basis for the realisation of potential. Awareness creates the foundation from which individuals and groups can tap into their capacity for choice that in turn enables them to combine intention with action to be and become all they can be.

Cathy acknowledges the value of adopting a proactive stance in life through activating personal agency to cultivate and nurture resilience and wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

She has worked within the business, cultural, educational, health and tourism sectors and her academic background is in Business Management, Marketing, Public Policy, Psychology and Psychotherapy.


Cathy is currently reading for her professional doctorate in Gestalt Psychotherapy with a focus on resilience as her area of research.



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Audra is a group and individual psychotherapist, an executive coach and management consultant who has been practicing for the past 20 years within the corporate and therapeutic spheres.


Her focus is on creating sustainable change and transformation in groups and individual lives as well as within organisations.  She believes that since change is personal, the starting point is invariably people and what makes them unique: their dreams, passions, hopes, fears, purpose.  And since humans are profoundly social beings, who are wired for connection, an intrinsic part of her work is the development of meaningful relationships, powerful teams, communities and corporate cultures that support individuals and groups to thrive.


Audra has an insightful and sensitive style and much of her current work involves leading therapeutic, community and corporate groups, training and executive coaching and management consulting, both locally and internationally, and, as well as her individual psychotherapy practice and supervision.  Her approach incorporates therapeutic skills and insights, group process, developments in neuroscience, the integration of body, heart and mind, and the phenomenological standpoint of interconnectedness.


Her training includes Management and Business Administration, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Dance Movement therapy, Systems and Family Constellations and Movement Medicine.